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Full Version: SOVA Rules
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These are the rules that must be followed at this forum. If they are violated, report to staff member immederately.

Respect every member on the board.
Do not flame, bash, insult, or act rude to any member of the board. Members are all entitled to their own opinions. Also, do not use "gay" or anything having to do with a person's age, sex, religion, race or color in any derogatory manner.

No spamming
Self explanitory.

No forum advertising
You may not link to a forum in posts or PMs, if you wish to link to a forum, use your sig. An exception is made when posting a link to a different forum as an example of something you think should be implemented on SOVA.

Report offensive posts that break these rules
If someone has broken a rule or is spamming, flaming, or anything of that matter, report it. It will be dealt with much faster in this manner. The staff can't be everywhere all the time.

No bashing SOVA or forum members outside SOVA(BMGf, SPPf, or PC)
No bashing SOVA is allowed, this includes telling SOVA people to give up, bashing 4kids, telling SOVA is useless, and etc. Bashing forum members outside of SOVA is not only prohibited, but disrespectful.

Bashing PUSA is prohibited
Please try not to bash PUSA, PUSA is not our enemy.

Warning System
Punishment is administered by a warning system. This will be in a three-strikes-and-you-are-punished manner. This is how the system works.


First and Second strikes: A warning
Third Strike: Temp or Pernament Ban.

Envading the ban results in double amount of time needed to be unbanned.
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