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The Adventures of Kochou and the Beautiflies (Who knew a Beautifly would make Ash an idol?)
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The Adventures of Kochou and the Beautiflies

(General Pokemon, and rated E for everyone!)

The Adventures of Kochou and the Beautiflies

(upbeat music begins as we see the title)

Me and my friends are Beautiflies!

Kochou: Hey! My name is Kochou!

Exciting adventures, glamour and fame!

Kochou: Now a Beautifly, never the same!

Come on, take flight and fly away now!

Kochou: Hey! My name is Kochou! (Kochou poses with his bandmates, Misty, and Niji before the title, which is lit up like a neon sign)

Episode 1: Becoming a Beautifly

(We open on the scene of a theater, where a large crowd has gathered. The theater's marquee proclaims in big black letters "LIVE TONITE: Kochou and the Beautiflies"., Judging from the size of the crowd, it appears that this band as a very loyal following.

Suddenly, a red haired girl spots a limo approaching the theater.)

Girl: Look! They're here!

(The crowd hurries up to get a closer look at the limo as it slows to a stop at the curb.)

(Various girls cry "Haeru wingu, Beautifly!" in anticipation of the arrival of their favorite stars. Some wear red, others green, and various others blue and yellow. Still others wear green, black, and blue jackets. One thing is the same: they're all chanting "Haeru wingu, Beautifly!")

(Suddenly, the chanting of "Haeru wingu, Beautifly!" is hushed as the limo's door opens.)

Female voice: Haeru wingu, Akaichou yo! (We see a girl with short red hair emerge from the limo to the cheers of the crowd. Since we are looking at her from the side, all we can see of her clothing at the moment is a red shirt with silver buttons. As the girl steps onto the red carpet, we see the rest of her outfit: a white skirt with rubies dotting it. . The fans waring red start to chant "Akaichou! Akaichou!" as the girl waves to the crowd and pauses to sign a few autographs before being escorted inside by security)

(The fans wearing green begin to cheer as a pair of golden shoes with emeralds on the sides and the toes appears on the red carpet.)

Male voice: Haeru wingu, Midorichou yo! (the fans wearing green begin screaming as we see the shoes' owner: a tall and handsome black haired boy with tanned skin. The shoes aren't the only item the boy has on that has emeralds on them: the pants and the jacket complimenting the boy's silver shirt have plentiful counts of emeralds on them as well. Midorichou waves to his fans before he too is escorted inside by security.)

(The fans wearing blue cheer as a pair of aqua sandals studded with tiny sapphires emerge from the limo)

Female voice: Haeru wingu, Mizuirochou yo! (the fans in blue cheer as a second girl emerges from the limo, her aqua blue hair tied up neatly in a braid. Her gloved hands clasp a harmonica close to her heart. Mizuirochou's shirt starts out a royal blue at the top, then turns white at the bottom. An aqua skirt finishes the look. She waves to the crowd as she is escorted inside by security.)

(The fans wearing yellow cheer as a pair of pale yellow boots appear from the limo)

Female voice: Haeru wingu, Ierochou yo! (we get a closeup of the girl as she walks down the red carpet: Her hair is tied back in a ponytail so it doesn't get caught in the golden lace or the yellow sash on her short dress. The flashing cameras do make the topazes on her boots sparkle. Ierochou signs one fan's poster before being taken inside by security.)

(Finally a spotlight appears, as the limo's final passenger steps onto the red carpet....)

Male voice: Haeru wingu, Kochou yo! (everyone screams and cheers as a boy with flowing silver hair steps out of the limo and into the spotlights; the camera flashes making the jewels on his green, black, blue, and purple checkered jacket, as well as the sparkles on his black pants, sparkle. A white rose is tucked into the right pocket of the jacket, which Kochou sniffs as he listens to his fans chant his name.)

Kochou(voiceover): That's me, Kochou...leader of the Beautiflies. (Kochou carefully tucks the rose back in his pocket and starts down the red carpet, waving to his fans as he does so) The chant we cry at the beginning of every show, "Haeru wingu, Beautifly!" has special meaning to us...because if it were not for a Beautifly, we would've never had a chance to live this dream...and the young boy I once was would've never had the chance to become a man. (Kochou waves to the crowd as security escorts him inside the theater.)

(The scene fades to show a boy with messy black hair, a blue vest, a deep green shirt, and jeans seated at a table, studying a newspaper intently)

Kochou(voiceover): In reality, I'm just a ten year old child...but at the time, I had no idea that my dream of becoming Pokemon Master would take a back seat to a much more important dream... (the boy glances at one headline in shock.)

Ash: No way! It can't be!!!!

(The boy's mother, a brown haired woman in her early thirties, looks up from washing dishes for a moment, piqued by her son's cry. We notice the pendant complimenting her pink shirt spells her name: Delia.)

Delia: What's the matter, Ash?

Ash: The Theater de Pallete...(he struggles to hold back tears) They're going to tear it down! (Ash buries his face in his cap as he begins to cry.)

Delia: Ash, that old theater's been there for a very long time... (Ash just continues to cry as he darts upstairs.)

(We see Ash seated on his bed, still crying a little.)

Kochou(voiceover): See, the Theater de Palette was the only means of hosting concerts and theatrical productions in our town, and if it was gone, we would have to travel all the way to Viridian to see a concert or a play. But then, I noticed an item a little further in the story. (Ash musters a weak smile as he reads some more.) The committee in charge of the theater would be hosting a battle of the bands in an attempt to save it. (Ash picks up the phone and dials a number.) I felt compelled to tell all my friends about it...

(The screen splits five ways to show Brock, May, Crystal, and Whitney; all on the phone with Ash)

Ash: ...and if we don't win the battle of the bands, the Theater will be torn down!

Others: WHAT????

Whitney: It's a good thing you're trying to save the theater, Ash, but you're missing several important details...

Ash: Like?

Whitney: A. Whoever wins the battle gets the theater, so it doesn't solely depend on us...

May: B. Gary will likely be there...

Kochou(voiceover): I shuddered at this. Gary and I had this thing going: whatever I tried to do, he would try and do it better than me. So if he was at the battle of the bands, the chances of us winning would be next to nothing. Not that we had any musical skills to begin with--the only one of us that had a drop of musical blood in him was Brock--and a solo guitar wasn't going to cut it.

Brock: C. We don't have enough instruments or gear...

Crystal: and D. Where are we going to even get a song?

Kochou(voiceover): Things looked rather bleak...but no sooner had I said goodbye to my friends, did the phone ring again. (Ash picks up the phone again)

Ash: Hello?

(the screen splits to show Prof. Oak on the other end)

Kochou(voiceover): It was always a joy to get a call from the Professor...he was always inventing something or studying something, and often times invited the five of us to come along and help him out. Today was no different...

Prof. Oak: Hello there...I just got back from collecting Beautiflies for an observation experiment, and found a particularly interesting specimen...would you like to come see?

Ash: You bet! I'll be right there!

(the scene fades into the scene of a laboratory, where Ash, May, Brock, Crystal and Whitney are standing around a table looking at a jar containing a glowing Beautifly. Prof. Oak is nearby, making notes on a clipboard.)

May:'s not a shiny Beautifly...

Brock: If it's not Shiny, then why is it glowing that odd blue color like that? (gestures to the jar and its glowing occupant.)

(Before Ash can answer, he hears a tapping on the jar. He brushes this off as his imagination at first, but looks again when he hears it coming from the jar. the Beautifly inside is tapping its wings on the jar in a desprate attempt to get out.)

Prof. Oak: If any of the Beautiflies start getting uncomfortable, you can let them out for a few minutes. (continues observing a second Beautifly in a nearby enclosure)

Ash: Okay...let's let you out...

(Ash lifts the jar up, releasing the Beautifly. It circles around the table a few times before perching on a coat rack nearby the table)

Beautifly: Thank you so much!

Ash: You're welcome...I think....

Brock: You can speak?

May: Why do you have that blue glow?

Beautifly: Hey, I can only answer one question at a time, okay? First of all, my name is Nijiiro...but you can call me Niji for short.

Ash: Pleased to meet you, Niji...I'm Ash, and these are my friends May...(May waves hello) Brock...(Brock waves hello) Crystal...(Crystal waves hello) and Whitney. (Whitney waves hello).

Niji: Pleased to meet all of glow and my speech ability come from my innate magical power...

Crystal: Magic? (Meanwhile, Prof. Oak ontinues to write while talking on the phone at the same time.)

Niji: is said that if you find a captured Beautifly like me and free it, it becomes your friend for as long as the finder lives.

Prof. Oak(on the phone): Not only that, but if my theory about magical Beautiflies is correct, they can also grant wishes....

Niji: Book-boy there hit the nail on the head! Just tell me your deepest desires and I can grant them! (she leads the group down a stairway below the lab. Ash is thinking about this as Kochou speaks.)

Kochou(voiceover): It sounded crazy at first--could a Beautifly REALLY grant people's wishes? (everyone follows Niji through a hidden wall, where we see a lounge; complete with couches, a buffet, game tables, and TVs.) I decided to risk it and tell Niji about the Theater... (everyone makes themselves comfortable on one of the couches)

Ash: Well, Niji...there's the old theater in's being threatened to be torn down...and there going to be a battle of the bands in an attempt to save it.

Niji: Go on...

Ash: I really want to enter, but one, I'm afraid my rival will one up me; and two, none of us really have that much musical talent.

Niji: Let's see... she flies off the coat rack and loops in the air, making a silver pendant fall to the ground. Rings appear on the others' hands. All five look at their items quizzically.)

Ash: Jewelry? How can jewelry make us become a band? (puts the silver pendant around his neck)

Niji: Just hold up your hand and tell me "I'm your little Beautifly!"

Ash: Here goes... (he raises his hand in the air and sings in a noticeably older sounding voice.) Ai-yai-yai, I'm your little Beautifly!

(the pendant plays back the notes that Ash sang. Ash, however, just covers his mouth in embarrassment.)

Ash: ::gulp:: What did I just sing? And how did my voice magically change?

Niji: No time for questions, just sing the rest of it!

Ash: (swallows hard and holds his hand in the air again, then sings again in a noticeably older sounding voice) Ai-yai-yai, I'm your little Beautifly! (Ash's hand begins to glow) Green, black, and blue; make the colors in the sky!

(MUSIC-"Beautifly" (instrumental))

(We see a glowing outline of Ash's body against the background of Beautifly wings. As Ash hangs in this position, his torso begins to glow purple, and a silver and purple shirt appears on him. Next, a checkered jacket appears over that in a flash of purple. Next, we look at Ash's legs as sparkling black pants appear on his legs in a flash of blue, and silver shoes appear on his feet. The view next shifts to Ash's head, where we see his eyes finally open. His normally black hair begins to lengthen and turn silver. A white rose appears in the right pocket of the jacket, which the young man holds in one hand as he poses for the audience.)

(Music cut)

May: Wow!

Brock: Show me how to do that! (Crystal and Whitney both have hearts in their eyes)

Niji: I give you the newest hit sensation...Kochou! (everyone applauds as the young man appears before May, Brock, Crystal, and Whitney)

Kochou(voiceover): I was a bit afraid of my new appearance at the time...the shirt, the checkered jacket... (Kochou nervously feels around the green, black, blue, and purple checkered jacket) Even the pants and the new haircut felt strange. (Kochou tensely holds a wad of his newly long silver hair in his fingers.) At the same time, they all felt...familiar.... (As everyone is oggling over Kochou, everyone hears footsteps coming towards the foot of the stairs)

May: Uh oh...

Brock: How are we going to explain Kochou to the Professor?

Niji: It's all right, he doesn't even know this lounge is here. (Sure enough, everyone hears the footsteps walk away, as well as Prof. Oak mumbling "Must've been my imagination...)

May: I want to transform like that!

Crystal: Me too!

Brock: Me three!

Niji: All right, all right, I'll teach you...who wants to be my lab Rattata here?

May: I will! (gets up from her couch and faces the others)

Niji: Now, touch the jewel in your ring, then clap twice. (May follows Niji's instructions, when she claps twice, her shirt lengthens and gains silver buttons. Next, she taps the ring on her shoes, making them turn into red high heels. Upon tapping the ring on her legs, she gains a white skirt with rubies dotting it. Finally, she claps over her head twice, and an electric guitar appears in her hands, as well as her hair turning red.)

Akaichou: Haeru wingu, Akaichou yo!

Brock: Hair-o wingu WHAT?

Niji: What Akaichou said was "Pretty wing, I am Red Beautifly." (to Kochou) This is Akaichou...she plays guitar and sings backup...

Kochou: Don't I get an instrument?

Niji: Sure you do! Just clap twice!

(Kochou obeys, and an electric guitar similar to Akaichou's appears in his hands)

Niji: Oh yes...if you wish to return to your normal form, Kochou has to just sing "Where's my samurai?"...the rest of you, just say "Fly away..."

Akaichou: Got it!

Crystal: Okay! It's my turn to transform now! (she touches the sapphire in her ring and claps twice, making glaves appear on her hands. When the sapphire is tapped on her feet, her shoes become aqua sandals studded with sapphires. Next, Crystal claps over her head, making her slip into a shirt that starts out royal blue at the top, then turns white at the bottom; followed by a aqua skirt. Finally, she claps twice again, and her hair is magically braided, plus a harmonica appears in her hand.)

Mizuirochou: Haeru wingu, Mizuirochou yo!

Niji: This is Mizuirochou, on wind instruments and backup vocals.

Kochou: That explains the harmonica... (Mizuirochou runs and takes her place by a mic at stage left, behind a drum set. Akaichou is behind a mic at stage right, nearby a digital piano.

Brock: So who gets the drums and the piano?

Niji: Transform to see which one of those you get!

Brock: Here goes...(touches the emerald in his ring and claps twice, making his shirt turn silver. Upon touching the jewel to his legs, he gains a pair of emerald studded pants and golden shoes, also studded with emeralds. Next, Brock claps twice over his head, making the rest of his normal clothes become a sparkling green jacket. Finally, he claps twice again, making his hair turn black and forming a pair of drum sticks in one hand.)

Midorichou: Haeru wingu, Midorichou yo!

Niji: This is Midorichou, your drummer. (a spotlight appears on Midorichou, who is already comfortable at the drums)

(Whitney looks at the topaz in her ring, unsure.)

Niji: Go on, it's not going to hurt...

(Whitney swallows hard, touches the topaz in her ring, and claps twice, making her shirt and shorts turn into a short yellow dress. Touching the ring to her shoes turns them into small boots. Clapping over her head makes Whitney's hair turn yellow and put itself up in a ponytail, as well as making a yellow sash and small topazes appear on her costume. Whitney claps again, and lace appears on her costume.)

Ierochou: Haeru wingu, Ierochou yo!

Niji: Pesenting Kochou and the Beautiflies, everyone! (everyone claps in agreement.)

Akaichou: Come on guys, let's practice for the battle!

(everyone starts playing a pop beat as Kochou begins to sing)

Kochou: There's music in the air,
News is in the makin'!
Music in the air,
Somethin' big is breakin'!

Kochou and others: Wow, look around at the sight and sound
Did we take you by surprise?
Bet you can't believe your eyes!

(oh) Whoa!
Well this is only the beginning,
Only the beginning!

(Now!) Now's the time when our star's on the climb!
Watch us try for the prize,
We're already on the rise...

Others: The rise! Surprise! Oh!

Kochou and others: Well this is only the beginning,
Only the beginning, Only the beginning!
Only the beginning, Only the beginning!

Wow, look around at the sight and sound,
Did we take you by surprise?
Bet you can't believe your eyes!

(oh) Whoa!
Well this is only the beginning,
Only the beginning....

(Now!) Now's the time when our star's on the climb!
Watch us try for the prize,
We're already on the rise...

Others: (The rise! Surprise! Oh!)

Kochou and others: Well this is only the beginning,
Only the beginning, Only the beginning!
Only the beginning, Only the beginning!

(The band continues to play as Kochou speaks)

Kochou(voiceover): As I played that first song, it felt so nice, and my mind began to turn to dreams of the future. (the music continues as we see shots of the red carpet entrances from earlier, magazine covers with Kochou's face on them, CD's of the band flying off of a shelf, Kochou singing on a TV screen, a shot of a music download site with the band at the top of the download charts, and the like) I was snapped back to reality by one burning question: (the scene returns to reality, where the band is still playing) How was my mother going to react to my new identity?

(A shot of Delia appears)

Kochou: Where's my samurai? (Kochou glows purple for a few moments, revealing Ash when the light fades)

Others: Fly away... (the others glow their respective colors for a moment before returning to normal, then leave the lounge; Niji not very far behind. They climb back upstairs and into the lab. Prof. Oak is now off the phone, but still writing on a clipboard.)

Prof. Oak: Hmm...I swear that I didn't turn the radio on earlier... so where was that great song coming from? (turns on the radio)

Radio announcer: And coming in at number 3, it's Kochou and the Beautiflies with "Only the Beginning"! (Ash's mouth drops to the floor as Kochou's voice drifts through the speakers: There's music in the air, news is in the makin'! music in the air, somethin' big is breakin'!)

May: We made it on the radio????

Brock: I guess someone heard us playing...

Crystal: WOO-HOO!!! We made it on the radio! We made it on the radio! We made it on the radio!... (grabs Brock and drags him all over the floor) We made it on the radio! We made it on the radio! We made it on the radio!...

Brock: Yeah, Crystal; I--ow!--know you're--oof!--excited about--ow!--us getting on the--ow!--radio...

Kochou(voiceover): Crystal's excitement led us to have permanant custody of Niji...we parted ways that afternoon with plans to meet at the park where the battle was being held. (the scene shifts to show Ash walking home, Niji by his side.) The walk home was relatively uneventful...until she showed up.

(Off in the distance, we see a red haired girl in a pale yellow shirt and blue shorts seated on a bench by the bus stop, reading a book. She looks up from the book for a moment and smiles at Ash. Ash nervously tugs at his shirt collar.)

Kochou(voiceover): Misty and I had known each other for a very long time, and every time I saw her, I got nervous...I wanted to tell her that I loved her and that she was beautiful, but my nervousness always got in the way. (Ash is quivering profusely as he approaches the bench.)

Misty: Hi, Ash... (she scoots over to make room for Ash. Ash notices that Misty's listening to music on some headphones.) Who's your little Beautifly friend here?

Kochou(voiceover): Although Misty was usually afraid of bugs, she seemed okay around Beautiflies...and Niji was no exception.

Misty: She's beautiful...

Ash: Yeah...she glows like she does because....uh....she's a special variety of Shiny!

Misty: Oh?

Niji(whispering): I am NOT Shiny!

Ash(whispering): Just play along! (to Misty) Yeah, Prof. Oak let me take care of her. Her name's Niji.

Niji: Beautifly! (Misty nervously pets Niji)

Kochou(voiceover): So I'd gotten around the hurdle of explaining Niji to was how to explain my new identity without alerting her that I was also Kochou....

Ash: What'cha listening to?

Misty: This new band, Kochou and the Beautiflies. (lifts a headphone off one ear, making "Only the Beginning" fill the air. Ash listens in shock.) I particularly like Kochou himself...he seems like a nice person--but not as nice as you! (playfully glomps Ash, but Ash digs his way out of Misty's death grip)
Ash: You think so?

Misty: Yeah! I did hear that he was coming to the battle of the bands tomorrow.

Ash: I was planning on going to the battle myself--that is if I'm not busy with chores tomorrow... (he climbs off the bench and starts on his way)

Misty: I hope you can come! (waves goodbye as Ash and Niji disappear down the path.)

(Ash continues running down the road as Kochou speaks again)

Kochou(voiceover): Now I had more reason to be at the battle than ever--Misty was going to be there! (Ash dances down the road as he thinks of Misty) Little did I know, there was trouble in the air. (We see three shadowy figures watching the stage area in the park: one male, one female, and one feline.)

To Be Continued...

(we see the word "Next...")

Akaichou(voiceover): Next time, on "Kochou and the Beautiflies"....

(we see a brown haired boy and a maroon haired girl clad in Rocket attire)

Akaichou(voiceover): The battle of the bands is underway, and the theater is saved... (we see shots of the band playing and Kochou singing) but when we meet up with two Rocket grunts that want to steal our spotlight, (we see the Rockets again) a game of Meowth and Rattata begins as we try to save ourselves from their evil plot. (We see the band fleeing from a burning house, and Misty tending to Kochou's burn wounds.) Can we survive and outlast them? Find out next time!

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