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The Ash and Pikachu Show (Season 1) (The premiere season of the hit Pokemon variety show!)
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The Ash and Pikachu Show (Season 1)

The Ash and Pikachu Show-Season 1

ANP #001: The Dynamic Poke-Duo!

(Cue OP-On Our Way-as the song plays, we see various shots of the Pokemon cast in the backstage area, getting ready for a show: Misty walks past one member of the lighting crew, making her trip and drop her paints, which color some of the notes on Brock's sheet music. He tries to clean the music, only to get walloped by a basketball in the face (thrown by May) Pikachu runs past all of this, down a hallway, and through a door with a star on it marked "Ash". He cries "Pika!" and points at a clock, which is ticking dangerously close to "Show Time!" Ash notices the time on the clock and ducks behind a screen to get ready, when he finishes, he's now decked out in a red top hat (with the same design as his cap) and tails. Ash then runs head on at the camera and makes a flying entrance onto a stage as the song concludes)

Female announcer: And now, it's time for the Ash and Pikachu Show!

(Pikachu climbs onto Ash's shoulder and smiles as the title card flies in from the right, a short clip of "On Our Way" in the background)

(Applause as Ash (this time in his normal attire) jogs onstage and waves to the imaginary crowd.)

Ash: Thank you! We have a great show planned for you tonight...we've got thrills---

(Ash is cut off by a scream backstage)

Ash: Uh, I didn't mean those kinds of thrills...::ahem:: We've got chills--

(We see the backstage thermostat-a mysterious hand turns the knob down, making the temperature in the theater drop to the point where Ash is a human ice cube)

Ash(shivering): I d-didn't m-mean those kinds of ch-chills, either...Who's m-messing with the thermostat?

(The answer of course, is Pikachu...he playfully turns the knob all the way to the right, making the theater so hot, Ash melts into an amoeba made of sweat. He crawls backstage to see Pikachu turning the temperature knob back and forth, making the theater's environment change accordingly)

Ash-amoeba: Pikachu? Could you stop messing with the thermostat? You're making it uncomfortable for me and the audience!

Pikachu: Chu! (he resets the thermostat back to normal, making Ash appear in his original form)

Ash: Now come on! We have a show to do! (returns to the stage, Pikachu in tow) As I was saying, we even have a few surprises for-- (a trapdoor suddenly opens under Ash) YOOOOUUUU!!!! (A splash is heard)

Pikachu: Pikapi? (looks down the trapdoor to see Ash in a puddle of water)

Ash: Just start the first cartoon, would ya?

Pikachu: Pika! (he bounds up to a projector and starts it, making the lights in the theater go down)

(CARTOON-Pokemon, I Choose You!)

(When the cartoon ends, Ash trudges back onstage sopping wet, to the cheers of the audience.)

Ash: I wonder why we even HAVE that trapdoor....

Misty(offscreen): Beats me! (Misty appears onstage with a drawing board, paper, and a chair)

Ash: What's all that for?

Misty: I thought I might show the viewers at home how certain things are done here...lights!

(On Our Way interlude plays as title card appears-'Back to the Drawing Board' with Misty". Misty's face appears in the o in "Board")

(A white screen appears, presumably to simulate a blank piece of paper.)

Misty(voiceover): Ah, a fresh piece of blank paper...let's see what sort of mayhem we can make here....but before that, we need a character to undergo our adventures!

(A pencil appears on the screen and begins drawing and coloring Brock)

Brock: Hi! (looks around the blank screen) I could use some scenery here...

(The pencil draws a line behind Brock, making a very simple scene)

Brock: Not much of a scene...

Misty(voiceover): Then be specific!

Brock: about...the beach? (the pencil draws in a crowded beach) and I'm surfing to impress the ladies! (the pencil draws a surfboard and water under Brock, before it starts to erase him!) Hey, what the...?

Misty(voiceover): I'm just dressing you accordingly...(the pencil draws swim trunks onto Brock) There. Happy surfing! (the scene begins moving--Brock weaves and swirls on the waves, to the point of making silly poses on the board) But, watch where you're going, Surfer King! (Brock crashes into a palm tree, making "The End" appear on the screen)

(Back in the theater-Ash looks over as Misty finishes making the finishing touches to her "Brock surfing" comic)

Ash: Nice comic...

Misty: Thanks...

Ash: While she's cleaning up, here's another cartoon...(the lights go down)

(CARTOON-Stage Fight!)

(In the theater, we see Ash seated at a grand piano--Pikachu snoozes nearby Ash's sheet music)

Ash: Now, it's time for the musical part of the show...that is, if we can find Brock and tell him he's on...

Pikachu: Pika! (he bounds off the piano, runs past boxes of props, costumes, and other items, past the light/sound booth, down the dressing room hallway, and into an open dressing room, where we see Brock practicing on an acoustic guitar) Pipika! Pika pi! (gestures to clock, which is blinking "Show time!")

Brock: I'm on? Okay... (grabs guitar and follows Pikachu onstage, where Ash is waiting oh-so patiently)

Ash: Bout time...ready for your musical number?

Brock: Why yes...(to the audience) And now, for your listening pleasure, I'm going to sing the blues...or is that the greens? (Ash rolls his eyes at the corny intro) You see, this little number's called the "Green with Envy Blues"!

Misty: This had better be good...

Brock: Maestro...(Ash just plays a simple piano chord, while Brock prepares to give his guitar a mighty strum) That's the whole introduction? You're supposed to do it in a light key, too!

Ash: Okay, okay... (plays a bouncy blues intro, while Brock strums to the beat)

Brock: I' as I can be! (Brock's spotlight turns blue, every time he mentions a color his spotlight changes accordingly) Green with jealousy! Look what you've done to me!

I got those green...with envy blues!
I mean those red...with anger blues!
And there's the purple with passion blues,
Over you!'re gonna squeeze me...neath the mellow, yellow moon...
So I can lose these green with envy, red with anger, purple passionate blues...

Oh! Oh-oh-oh-oh!

Misty: Methinks you need to practice that...

Brock: Purple with passion blues...over you! Oh! Whoa-oh-oh-oh!'re gonna squeeze me...neath the mellow, yellow moon!
So I can lose these green with envy, red with anger, purple passionate blues!

And that's the green with envy blues!
(applause) Thank you! (bows and acknowledges Ash, who also bows)

Misty: Here's another cartoon so you can recover fom all those colors... ::starts projector::

(CARTOON-Air Time!)

(Back in the theater, Brock is still singing the "Green with Envy Blues")

Misty: Somebody make him stop! One time's enough!

Ash: You tell him we're out of time for tonight...

Misty: I think I will...(gets pencil and draws a cane from the wings, which yanks Brock offstage, guitar and all)

Ash: Now that that's out of the way, Pikachu and I want to say thank you for coming to see us tonight!

Pikachu: Pika pi! (waves goodbye as the curtain closes and the ending credits roll over a reprise of On Our Way)


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