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SOVAcast Episode 1 Released
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SOVAcast Episode 1 Released

Sorry for the bad sound editing... ^^;

This is like our totally first SOVACast.

In this show, we will:
- Introduce SOVA and SOVAcast
- Introduce to projects
- New Voice Actor for Ash, Sarah Natochenny
- Our reasons why to save the voice actors
- Pokémon USA Reps on BMGf
- Pokémon USA using Historical Revisionism (look up at wikipedia) to make the fans forget about the orginal voice actors
- Reintroduce Sova projects and annoucement to join SOVA.

Staff members on this Cast: PokémonTrainerLisa, Alyssa (me without a mic), Ashura, and Sui. Pie is absent in this cast.

The length is 22 min and 33 sec... =/... A very short one... =(

Current ways you can like totally subscribe to SOVACAST:

RSS Feed: If you like totally have a RSS feed reader (your browser may like sooo totally have one), you can subscribe to the podcast with this link.

Feedburner: If you like totally have no RSS reader, this is a great solution.

iTunes: Like totally have a iPod? You can like totally use iTunes to subscribe to this podcast and download it to your ipod. Omigosh.... itpc:// <--- This doesn't work, and I can't publish it because I like totally don't have a credit card.

Odeo: Like totally easy way to listen to our podcast without downloading the files.. *cough*...

Sorry for no cover or website yet. ^^;

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Omigosh, Mayley loves you! =O (FYI: Harley + May = Mayley)

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