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IRC Chat Support
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IRC Chat Support

Given the go ahead by Steve to create this. Orginally from PC post

Well as most of you know, chat is now up and running, though I don't really see many on there...which is a bit sad as its a great place to just talk and chat if you don't want to wait ages for feedback in a threat or over PM.

Accessing Chat

To enter the SOVA chat, click the Chat option. It will pop up a new window.


mIRC unlike chat, gives you multiple options, sorta like MSN and AIM, you can give it your own personal other's better than Java because it gives you more options and settings.


Just to let you know that all SOVA rules apply.

SOVA rules can be found here: SOVA Forums Rules

There are a few Rules that you do have to follow, such as keeping things G rated, so that means no sexual discussion and no cursing, such things can result in a ban. Though these bans do not last long, the more you do it, the worse your ban time will be, continue to break rules and it will result in a perma ban from chat.

Also, do not flood, in other words, don’t post over and over again without giving others the chance to reply, do this to fast and you will be auto kicked.

The following chat server rules apply:
- - No Excessive Connections (Commonly known as Cloning).
- - No Automated Downloading/Queuing Scripts.
- - No War Bots or War Scripts.
- - No Mass Advertising.
- - No Nuking or DoS (Denial of Services) attacks.
- - No Harassment of fellow users.
- - No Pornography.
- - No Flooding.
- - No Warez, XDCC, or beta (illegal/copyrighted software/media) channels.
- - No Unauthorized XDCC bots join the #help channel for details
- - No Botnets
- - No Pre-release or illegal  movies, mp3s or software
- - No Bottler/Irc-Ork Clients.


Now, if you have mIRC, you will be aloud to register a nick name just by simple clicking the command in your toolbox. I have SPPScript, so Ill use that as an example for now.

To register a nick, all I have to do is the following:

SPPScript > Services > NickServ > Register

It will then ask you to insert Password and E-mail, and then all you have to do when you log in is Identify yourself:

SPPScript > Services > NickServ > Identify

For Java, it’s a bit different, instead of clicking on the commands you will have to type it.

To change your nick name: /nick <new_nick> without the <>'s
To register: /msg nickserv register {your_password_here} {your_email } without the {}’s
Identify: /msg nickserv IDENTIFY {Password} without the {}’s

Registering your nick name will ensure that no one else will be able to use it, and that it will be easy to identify you, you can register as many nicknames as you like.

Chat people

Ill just give you a run up on the people you will discover in chat.

In chat you will discover a list of members on the right side of your screen; these are the active members currently on chat at that moment. You will also notice that some nicknames will have symbols at their sides; you will find the list below and their meanings:

@: The big bosses, this symbol next to a members name basically means that he/she runs everything.

%: Means halfopped, below that of the ‘@’’s but still have the power to voice, and ban you.

+: Means Voiced, sometimes this allows you to be able to talk in the chat, but sometimes…it just gives you that extra snazzy look XD

People without the symbols beside their names are just your average members.

Okay, I think that about covers it…other than that, discuss anything chat related here!

Having trouble using Java Chat?
If you are unable to use Javachat for some reasons, heres a list of clients you can use. Tutorial comming soon for them.

Colloquy - Mac OS X IRC Client
X-chat - Unix based IRC Client, works on Windows also.
X-chat Aqua - MacOS X based open sourced, irc client
mIRC - Windows based IRC Client
ShadowIRC - IRC Clients for Mac OS Classic

Server is port 7000
Channel is #SOVA

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