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July 21
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July 21

Session Start: Fri Jul 21 11:28:50 2006
<SOVA190> so r we going to talk?
<SOVA190> hello??
<SOVA190> guess not...
<Eileen-chan> =/
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<Pie> 'Ey.
<Eileen-chan> hi
<Eileen-chan> bmg seems to be down...
<Pie> Yup.
<Eileen-chan> anyways, yesturday
<Eileen-chan> weren't we talking about the new va for ash?
<Pie> I listened to the clip.
<SOVA190> what clip?
<Eileen-chan> I hadn't yet
<Pie> I've got to say - the voice is closer to Ash's, but it sounds pretty... lifeless.
<Pie> Doesn't have that same spark.
<Eileen-chan> Sarah Natochenny is very unexperienced
<Eileen-chan> and this is her first dub..
<SOVA190> you guys heard the new ash?
<Eileen-chan> nope
<Eileen-chan> not me
<Pie> And Brock's - it doesn't make me scream in pain, but still - Eric Stuart it ain't.
<SOVA190> where is the clip?
<Eileen-chan> WPM posted it, right?
<Pie> Unfortunately, the only one available's from WPM - yeah
<SOVA190> where?
<Pie> And Professor Oak shows NO signs of improvement.
<Pie> At all.
<Eileen-chan> hmmm
<Pie> And I'm worried that they chose a clip without JJ&M in it.
<Eileen-chan> PUSA is probally smoking totally something illegal.
<Pie> Those three were so far off mark, seriously
<Eileen-chan> yes, they didn't change
<Pie> *Great*. ~_~
<SOVA190> wow they sound much better'
<Pie> Yeah. Season 9 may be tolerable yet - but that still doesn't mean I'm accepting the new VAs.
<Pie> We'd better see some changes back to the originals, and we'd better see it damn soon. ><*
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<Pie> ^^o
<SOVA190> doesnt look like pusa can changed back
<SOVA190> oh well, i think i can live with the new ones
<Pie> I don't see why not.
<Pie> IF the contracts are actually an issue - which is still not confirmed, even - that means they'll expire eventually. After that, why keep replacements?
<Eileen-chan> Didn't PUSA gave up the dub from 4kids on January 2006?
<Eileen-chan> after January 2007, wouldn't it be up, or is it March 2007?
<Pie> Pro'lly January.
<Eileen-chan> PUSA could wait 3 more months instead of making thousands of fans angry and have the series totally jump the shark
<SOVA190> doesnt seem like lots of peopel are mad anymore
<Eileen-chan> hmmm
<Pie> Yeah. Most people don't care enough that they're accepting the compromise. ><*
<Pie> And for PUSA, sadly, as well as many other anime companies?
<Eileen-chan> well, it's corperate america
<Pie> It's more important to turn out A product than the BEST product.
<Pie> Art's becoming just another consumer good - who cares if it's done well? Just as long as it's done fast.
<Eileen-chan> I feel that PUSA cares about money instead the fans
<Pie> Same here. *sigh*
<Eileen-chan> thats why we hear that PUSA only likes money..
<Eileen-chan> and corruption
<SOVA190> 4kids did too
<Pie> Can't argue with that. But 4Kids was more responsive to criticism - the complaints for LoT led to the fantastic dubbing voice for Harley.
<SOVA190> harley is going to dub under pusa too
<Eileen-chan> "And we don't have any right to criticize PUSA, because we haven't met them in person? Well then, you have no right to criticize 4Kids or the original VAs, since you haven't met them in person."
<Pie> What do we get? "Here's a redub of a special - without the original voice actors, which is what you all REALLY wanted."
<Eileen-chan> nope
<Eileen-chan> a redub with the orginal is pointless
<Eileen-chan> improvement in few months, oh please
<Pie> No, I mean, the original originals - Eric Stuart and Veronica Taylor and the REAL VAs.
<SOVA190> meh
<Eileen-chan> I ment the new ones
<Eileen-chan> I messed up
<SOVA190> looks like the old ones dont even care anynmore...
<Pie> They do. I think they've lost hope, though. *sigh*
<Eileen-chan> for a long period of time, yes
<Pie> *sigh*
<Eileen-chan> anyway Sarah Natochenny seems to have no experience in voice acting. I saw her profile yesturday, and he only done 3 commericals before she joined PUSA
<Eileen-chan> =p
<Eileen-chan> which proves, that PUSA doesn't care and hires inexperienced people
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<Sui> Hello :3
<Eileen-chan> hi
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<Eileen-chan> hi there
<Sui> Did I miss anything?
<Eileen-chan> nothing at all, it was quiet for an hour
<Sui> Ahh, must be a slow time of day
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<Eileen-chan> yes, since it's a weekend
<Eileen-chan> anyways, what do you think about PUSA's decidion of ash's new voice actor?
<Sui> Really not well thought-out
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<Eileen-chan> well, I think it's not a very good decidion
<Sui> She's never even done a dub before. While she does have some credentials, she's very young, and overall, inexperienced
<Eileen-chan> yep
<Sui> She's HALF Veronica's age
<Eileen-chan> They should be hiring people older and have experience
<Sui> No kidding, or just the originals in the first place
<Eileen-chan> Teenage years is not a good year for people for voice acting
<Eileen-chan> thats why orginals are better
<Sui> They're wasting time and money by replacing, not saving money
<Eileen-chan> yes, and alot of time
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<Sui> Plus, they do seem to apparently hear the outcry from the voice-acting of Mastermind, yet the message got lost along the way. The outcry was from the same people who want the originals back
<Eileen-chan> If they want the job done right, they should atleast to try and get the old voice actors back
<Sui> Yes!
<Eileen-chan> many people say PUSA is smoking something illegal or crack lately
<Eileen-chan> many posts are saying that
<Sui> Not to mention, as Pie and I discussed, it doesn't make sense, since 4Kids had nothing to do with Pokemon Channel and Puzzle League, yet the VAs were there. In fact, there were cutscenes in PL, an actual anime short AND Meowth's Party DUBBED in Channel
<SOVA499> do you think we can say that on the news when we get their attention?
<Eileen-chan> well, it doesn't
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<Eileen-chan> Also, what is strange is that Erica is able to work with PUSA while working at 4kids
<Sui> Exactly!
<Eileen-chan> It could be something wrong or PUSA is lying to us.
<Sui> And plus, we don't even KNOW if the "Jimmy Zoppi" who posted is even him, his IP was traced to a university in California
<Eileen-chan> <SOVA499> do you think we can say that on the news when we get their attention? <--- maybe, but most people won't care
<Eileen-chan> I thought Jimmy Zoppi lived in NY
<SOVA499> i think it's safe to ignore what the Jimmy Zoppi said since it was a fake
<Sui> He does
<Sui> To the best of my knowledge, anyway, I know the originals live in NY
<Eileen-chan> yep
<Sui> And they know Zoppi
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<SOVA499> it was said that someone talked to the real Jimmy and he didn't sign up on any msg boards
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<Sui> And if I remember correctly, Maddie even saw the posts and said it didn't sound like him
<Eileen-chan> About the SPP member claiming to be "NewBlock"
<Eileen-chan> *brock
<Sui> Ugh. If he is, I don't like him
<SOVA499> he seesms very nice
<Eileen-chan> I read on the bmgf SOVA club
<Eileen-chan> that
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<Eileen-chan> have to find it
<Eileen-chan> nm
<SOVA499> huh?
<SOVA499> what were you gonna say?
<Eileen-chan> he lies alot I think
<Eileen-chan> I don't know NewBrock's real name
<Sui> Word of advice: don't listen to anything WPM says. As Pie said, he thinks PUSA can do no wrong
<Sui> Plus he nitpicked the hell out of the Lucario dub (sorry for the swear, it's a force of habit, it's how I talk)
<Eileen-chan> hmmm
<Eileen-chan> new voices?
<Sui> Yeah, he claims that Ho-oh and the Regis sound terrible with different voices
<Sui> If he's THAT critical of everything, why can't he just stick to the Japanese version? That's what I never got about purists
<Eileen-chan> I think WPM hates 4kids
<Sui> No kidding, he thinks they're the scurge of the earth
<Eileen-chan> this campaign has nothing to do with 4kids
<Sui> Right
<Eileen-chan> was he also critising the 4kids dub of the 8th movie?
<Sui> That is the Lucario movie
<Eileen-chan> yep
<Sui> I just said he did :p
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<SOVA499> they should all burn
<Sui> 4Kids?
<Eileen-chan> hmmm
<SOVA499> noooo
<SOVA499> pusa, the new vas, all of them
<Eileen-chan> oh them
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<Sui> I don't blame the new VAs, although I think NewBrock's coming off as an ass, if that is him on Serebii
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<Eileen-chan> PUSA seems to care about money than the fans
<SOVA499> i dunno about him though...lik i said before, he sounded nice.
<Sui> Exactly. Plus they seemed to really want to butter up WPM by giving him 19 plushes
<SOVA499> lol i think he is cute
<Eileen-chan> and if NewBrock is trying to turn the New Voice actors on us...then
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<Eileen-chan> we got alot of problems
<SOVA499> did any one go to sandiego comicon?
<Eileen-chan> No, i'm too far away
<Eileen-chan> I live in NJ, but I could of gone if it was on my CA vacation
<Sui> I wish I could've....I would've given them a piece of my mind, or better yet, have a sign that says "Screw PUSA" (only with a word a little more explicit than screw ;p)
<Eileen-chan> heh
<SOVA499> if only we could havegotten someone there from SOVA. the audience on the recordings of the conference didn't sound like there was any ppl who objected about everything
<Eileen-chan> Well explain this, Newbrock is probally behind tihs
<Eileen-chan> "Well, if you go to forums and find his first post you will see that he told the fans to stop writing letters and campaigning, because it's no use."
<Eileen-chan> thats totally BS
<Sui> I'm really angry with them. Plus, have you seen some of the things they've said in the mailbag of Such as pretty much implying that someone who wondered if a Pikachu costume was available was a pervert
<Eileen-chan> If you don't write any letters, you can't totally solve the problem
<Eileen-chan> It's just like "If it's aren't broke, then don't fix it."
<SOVA499> maybe NewBrock knows something about PUSA? that they aren't going to ever get back the old VAs?
<Sui> Doesn't mean we can't try
<Eileen-chan> Newbrock wants to totally keep his job, and not let the orginal vas come back
<Eileen-chan> which isn't good
<Eileen-chan> probally all the other new vas are acting like this too
<SOVA499> doesnt' everybody want to keep their jobs if they're working?
<Sui> Hell, I'd go to New York MYSELF if I could, grab Eric if I could find him, and march down to PUSA headquarters in person
<SOVA499> eric stuart? lol
<Eileen-chan> =/
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<Sui> I'm kidding ;p I wish though
<SOVA499> lol
<Eileen-chan> If anyone can, maybe some of us could make a video of destroying the DVD and set it up on YouTube. <--- Is this a good idea??
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<Sui> I'd LOVE to destroy the Mastermind disc in the 8th movie dvd set
<Eileen-chan> lol
<Eileen-chan> I'd download it from #PM instead of buying it with mastermind
<Eileen-chan> *throws up*
<Sui> While I don't want to pay for Mastermind, I do also want the satisfaction of destroying it
<Eileen-chan> just like smash my xbox 360?
<SOVA499> pirating is bad Sad
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<Sui> Wow, that's an expensive campaign, destroy an Xbox 360
<Eileen-chan> Well, I could write mastermind on a blank DVD and burn it
<Eileen-chan> <Sui> Wow, that's an expensive campaign, destroy an Xbox 360 <-- they use donated money
<SOVA499> that's still lame. is it supposed to be artistic or something to destroy an xbox360?
<Sui> Or, buy used from Blockbuster once they clear them out, take out all the Mastermind discs, put them all in a pile, and record as you burn them
<Eileen-chan> heh
<Sui> Not only will PUSA not get the money, but you'll get them cheap
<SOVA499> still seems like a waste of money
<Eileen-chan> yep
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<Sui> Yeah, but it's a nice mental image
<SOVA499> but pusa got the money originally from blockbuster when blockbuster got it
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<Sui> But they aren't getting OUR money
<Eileen-chan> not mine too
<Eileen-chan> not with those horrible voice actors who totally betray their fans
<Eileen-chan> We need to stand up to newbrock
<SOVA499> they'll get our money from everythig else though if we ever buy anything pokemon
<Eileen-chan> and fight back!
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<Sui> *nod* We need to really gang up on him
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<SOVA499> sounds mean
<SOVA499> :-/
<Eileen-chan> anyways, the orginal vas never had contract problems
<Eileen-chan> The fake jimmy zomppi posted the fake one
<SOVA499> what about that other va?
<Sui> *nodnod*
<Sui> The mystery man on Serebii? I don't think he's a VA
<Eileen-chan> obviously that TAJ doesn't want them
<Eileen-chan> and PUSA
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<SOVA499> i cant click on links in this java chat Sad
<SOVA499> who is this mystery man?
<Sui> Copy it
<SOVA499> lol i cant even copy and paste
<SOVA499> i guess i'll just have to rewrite it letter for lettre
<Eileen-chan> I'lll copy it
<Eileen-chan> basicly said that "We were never offered the roles by TAJ. Ever."
<SOVA499> hrm
<Eileen-chan> posted by Maddie
<SOVA499> its so confusing tho. she's calling that guy a liar, but he was calling her a liar too.
<Eileen-chan> NewBrock?
<SOVA499> no, that old guard guy
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<Eileen-chan> old guard guy isn't true
<SOVA499> hm?
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<Eileen-chan> PUSA never offerred the roles to them
<Sui> What motive would Maddie and ALL the other original VAs have, to lie? If they lost their fans, they'd lose everything.
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<Eileen-chan> besides, I doubt they would lie
<Eileen-chan> if they were, we wouldn't be very mad at PUSA
<SOVA499> i dunno if they lose everything?? we're just fans
<Sui> OGT, NewBrock, and PUSA have nothing to lose, really. PUSA'll still get money, OGT doesn't even have fans, and NewBrock I doubt even HAS fans
<Eileen-chan> didn't newbrock told the fans stop writing letters?
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<Sui> I use it very sparingly, so as long as it isn't frequent, it's okay
<Sui> I only use stuff like "brb, bbl, irl", I otherwise spell everything out
<Eileen-chan> anyways, back on topic
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<Sui> I'm really sick of the way PUSA is treating fans, and the way the anti-4Kids purists are treating us
<Eileen-chan> Anti-4kids purist annoys me
<Eileen-chan> I had one reply my LJ
<Sui> As you could see in many of my posts yesterday, I'm at the end of my rope when it comes to restraint
<Eileen-chan> I was posting alot about it too
<Sui> Thanks to them, I now have a very short fuse. I'm otherwise very mellow
<Eileen-chan> heres a anti-4kids purist
<Eileen-chan> "... 4kids is the one who culd care less abut the fans. Hell japan whole. They only want to destroy and dumb it down to make money. and what we saw from the special besides voices. THEY actually tried to keep it to the original. so who knows. Maybe PUSA is for the fans."
<Eileen-chan> those annoys me
<Sui> HAH! Gimme a break, the special was COMMISSIONED by PUSA
<Sui> They pulled a Yugioh movie
<Eileen-chan> lol..
<Eileen-chan> Yugioh movie?
<Eileen-chan> isn't ygo dubbed by 4kids?
<Sui> Yep, 4Kids had it commissioned, it didn't exist in Japan
<Sui> I refer to that kind of US-first commissioning as "pulling a Yugioh movie"
<Eileen-chan> hmmm
<Sui> And gimme a break about the "violence", too, Pokemon's not even that violent in the original. If you want violence, watch something else
<Eileen-chan> violence... see other animes
<Eileen-chan> like naruto...
<Eileen-chan> and inyuasha
<Sui> Ugh, not those overhyped anime....
<Eileen-chan> or some other anime
<Sui> They're okay, but not THAT good
<Eileen-chan> they have way more violence than Pokemon
<Sui> *nodnod* Exactly
<Eileen-chan> Pokemon imo has no violence, blood, or gore
<Eileen-chan> or hentai
<Sui> Yeah, the most there is is some scuff marks on a Pokemon in battle
<Eileen-chan> it's not like Pokemon hurts humans and make them bleed
<Eileen-chan> =(
<Sui> Theoretically they could, but Pokemon's not that dark, as a lot of rps and fanfics seem to make it out to me
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<Eileen-chan> Anyways, I conducted a poll on LJ
<Eileen-chan> the question is: Sarah Natochenny, worthy for the voice of Ash, a leading role?
<Eileen-chan> So far 1 said yes, 3 said no, and 1 maybe
<Sui> How can one say yes? They haven't even heard her
<Eileen-chan> theres a clip
<Sui> I don't even wanna hear it....I already had a bad enough experience as it is with Mastermind
<Eileen-chan> I didn't bother listening to it
<Sui> To me, no one can replace the cast, case closed.
<Sui> And you know what gives me hope but at the same time urks me? There was a campaign to keep the original VAs for Hellsing or something, and it was so overwhelming, they did. To me, that's hopeful, but at the same time, the VAs of Hellsing have a massive cult following
<Sui> The kind of VAs that are HOUNDED by fangirls at cons
<Eileen-chan> comiccon?
<Sui> *shrugs* I don't know....I know I heard it used as an example in the SOVA thread, but my memory isn't that good
<Eileen-chan> oh
<Eileen-chan> anyways, If Newbrock is influencing the new voice actors telling fans not to write letters to pusa, what should we do?
<Sui> Say screw him and write anyway
<Sui> He's pretty much implying that we're just beating a dead horse, which I find insulting
<Eileen-chan> yes
<Sui> "Give up, it won't work, you're just wasting your time"
<Eileen-chan> who said that?
<Sui> No one, it's pretty much what he's implying
<Sui> There's nothing I HATE more than when anti-4Kids people go into that argument
<Eileen-chan> Anyways, this is Sarah's resume I totally found in SOVA thread
<Eileen-chan> no mention of an anime
<Sui> Nope....not to mention she's bloody young. She needs more experience, which can only be gained in years
<Eileen-chan> prior to joining PUSA
<Sui> I personally hate it when people judge me because of my age, but sometimes it is justified
<Eileen-chan> it doesn't help
<Sui> For one, she has no experience doing voice-overs. For another, she's got a bloody LEAD when she has no experience doing voice-overs. What is PUSA thinking?
<Eileen-chan> PUSA is smoking crack
<Sui> I really want to write a nasty letter to them, but I'm all burnt out from last night's little debate
<Eileen-chan> with WPM?
<Sui> Yep....
<Sui> Even though the only one he acknowledged was Pie, which he seems to have a vendetta for
<Eileen-chan> oh
<Eileen-chan> pokebeach info is false?
<Sui> They've spread false rumors before, plus his report is obviously heavily biased.
<Eileen-chan> biased towards pusa
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<Sui> Thus, unreliable. But his attitude is "You have no right to argue unless you've met them IRL", yet he argues against 4Kids and he's never met them
<Sui> Hypocritical
<Eileen-chan> hypocritical thus inaccurate
<Sui> He needs to get his head out of his ass, excuse the expression
<Eileen-chan> many people are saying the new voice for ash sounds too much like a girl
<Eileen-chan> am i right?
<Sui> Half of that is probably from the same people who say Veronica's Ash sounds too much like a girl. I bet they think that since he's voiced by a girl, which is highly common in little boys
<Eileen-chan> but veronica's didn't sound as much girlish as the new one
<Sui> One thing that urked me is that Kasumi-san once said that Veronica's Ash sounded nothing like Rica Matsumoto's Satoshi, yet I found they sounded VERY simular, after comparing Ash to Satoshi
<Eileen-chan> You cannot compare oranges and apples
<Sui> *nodnod* I wouldn't be surprised if Sarah couldn't get her voice in the same boyish range as Veronica
<Eileen-chan> the RAW is in japanese and Dub is in english
<Eileen-chan> She can't
<Eileen-chan> because she doesn't have enough experience
<Sui> Oh I know, but I thought the way Kasumi-san implied it was as if she wouldn't acknowledge any even subtle simularity since the Japanese version is "oh so much better"
<Eileen-chan> probally one those 4kids purist
<Eileen-chan> *anti-4kids
<Sui> I'm betting that
<Sui> But while they are speaking different languages, the overall tone and range was still highly simular
<Eileen-chan> yep
<Eileen-chan> I don't know the new voice actors names for rest of them
<Sui> Like, take Brock and Takeshi. Both have different qualities, but overall have the same tone and emotion
<Eileen-chan> Brock sounded like a chain smoker in the special
<Eileen-chan> =/
<Eileen-chan> which scared me
<Sui> It almost brought me to tears
<Sui> He also sounded like some sort of 1970s gruff cartoon animal to me
<Eileen-chan> alot
<Eileen-chan> and the pokemon didn't sound right
<Eileen-chan> in the special
<Sui> Of course they didn't, they were just all from an archive, not the actual VAs doing it
<Eileen-chan> Did PUSA bought the archive...
<Eileen-chan> there were some discussion about the archive
<Sui> I'm not sure, but that still is another point that could show that the contractual thing was crap
<Sui> ! Maddie's online!
<Sui> It's been a while, unless I've just not noticed her
<Eileen-chan> "I'm fairly certain that would have to come directly from 4Kids - given the extensiveness and the like - and I see no reason why TAJ studios would get use of it because of a change in license."
<Eileen-chan> the database is probally from 4kids
<Sui> She posted!
<Eileen-chan> where?
<Sui> SOVA thread
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<Eileen-chan> lol... WPM gets owned by her
<Sui> Even though she generally posts short posts, I still love it when she does, because it's straight from the source
<Eileen-chan> This is what she posted, short and totally sweet
<Eileen-chan> "We were never contacted or approached or asked or any other word you can think of by PUSA or TAJ with any offers to do the show."
<Sui> And right to the point
<Eileen-chan> WPM is lying
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<Eileen-chan> like usual
<Sui> I knew that even before she posted, WPM is an ass who thinks he's always right and everyone else is wrong
<Eileen-chan> hmmm, usage of rumors
<Eileen-chan> I got it
<Sui> Not quite off topic (you'll see why), but do you have a PSP?
<Eileen-chan> no
<Sui> Ahh, nevermind
<SOVA499> PSPs suck
<Eileen-chan> anyways, I'm editing this log as a transcript
<Eileen-chan> for people who missed
<Sui> Yes, but there's one game that doesn't: the rerelease of Valkyrie Profile
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<Eileen-chan> What we are planning to do in the future
<Eileen-chan> we think
<Sui> VP's voicework was done by the Pokecast, and amazingly, too. I'm 90% certain it's still intact on the PSP rerelease, so I recommend it for both a stunningly excellent game, and for the voicework
<SOVA499> oh, i just saw on serebii that the JAA nyc tournament is today
<SOVA499> too bad we didn't plan and have ppl there
<SOVA499> i bet since that's a major event, there would be PUSA ppl there that we could have talked to
<Sui> Cardgame or videogame? The videogame tournaments are cheap since they don't ban uber-legendaries, and a move which should be banned, Substitute, for the sheer abuse of it
<Eileen-chan> PUSA is little too loose
<Eileen-chan> and being unfair to many trainers
<Eileen-chan> I totally see other netbattle servers ban the use of 1-hit ko and ubers
<Sui> Hell, a guy who won a trip to Pokepark used Mewtwo, Rayquaza, and Groudon
<SOVA499> who cares about the rules...i'm talking about being a presence there!
<Eileen-chan> Rules are ment to be broken!
<Sui> Oh I know, just letting off a little steam
<SOVA499> only when the rules being broken are in your favor
* WinAmp is not running
<Eileen-chan> Is it me or the SOVA website hasn't been updated for awhile
<SOVA499> like 2 months i think
<Eileen-chan> it needs to be updated more frequently
<Sui> I need to go now, seeya!
* Quits: Sui ( (Save Our Voice Actors!

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RE: July 21

Wow...sounds like you got a lot done....

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