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Full Version: PUSA not contracting original voice actors
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madiejoan at BMGf posted in SOVA Organization.

Quote:We were never contacted or approached or asked or any other word you can think of by PUSA or TAJ with any offers to do the show.

period.end of story.

Madiejoan at BMG in this thread
Quote:PUSA never contacted me. Nor did they contact any of what has been termed "The Big Four." (Though I find the term personally silly --we were just voice actors on what I found an enchanting and delightful anime)

TAJ contacted me to let me know how sorry they were that they were going to use "sound-alikes" for a "sample reel". I was never offered the chance to return as Meowth. They might claim differently --but that's my recollection of the events.

Veronica and refusing PUSA's offer, false..

SOVA Petition, later proved to be true by madiejoan's posts.
Quote:Why do you fans believe anything you read? People have been emailing because there have been post on websites saying I have been approached by Pokemon USA. I have never refused to work on Pokemon. There are so many rumors flying around, all fueled by Pokemon USA no doubt. Due to contrary belief that this is the fault of 4Kids, it is not, 4Kids is still trying to get the show back, Pokemon USA has just decided to do it themselves. I am still hopeful that I get my job back, but since there have not been any attempts to contact the original actors, and there are still auditions being held for sound-alikes its seems very doubtful Regards Veronica