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Possible Sources, need to be doublechecked
Post any source here, and like someone from SOVA will check it.

Quote:Originally they did the voies in the 10th anniversary mirage Pokemon episode, when Pokemon Usa stepped in they said no we cant
have this, I mean everything was ready to go Veronica told me it was all done with the original Pokemon Va's, so it was scrapped, now she
was so hurt and so were the others cause dont you think the ones who have made the characters who they are all through the long years
have the honor of being in that 10th anniversary special..But no they threw that tape out and they redid and revoiced the whole ep with the
crappy new ones...

I'm not sure yet about this one, Maddie should double check if it's totally true at BMGf

(link is provided at the topic in BMGf)

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